Hair O\’the Lamb

31 October, 2006, 11:10 pm
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Of course…what else could follow Socktober, right?   I will be knitting a Clapotis with some lovely Silk Garden…pics later today I promise!

Being a new blogger, this is my first time joining in an event like this and I’m very excited!

More later…


I have been busy
30 October, 2006, 11:32 am
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I was away for longer than I had planned but it was a weird week here at Chez Trois Chat…I was off work last week as usual but got sick (severe allergies?  a mutant cold virus? whatever it was it made my eyes and nose all watery and totally drained me of any energy) so I lost a few days to that.  At least I could knit in bed when I felt better…finished one sleeve of the SKB (confession?  I love love love the yarn but /sigh I am falling out of love with the sweater…its coming out a bit larger than I had wanted-I should have made the smallest size I guess) I just want to get that one done and off the needles now and will probably fall back in love with it after that.   Impulsive kntter that I am, I then started the Sienna Cardigan from the current IK in Paton’s Classic wool (deep olive) and that is moving fast.   The Tasha shawl will soon be a FO too…I like to work on things in rotation mostly in part due to my nonexistant attention span-sometimes its the only way I get anything done.  It probably would drive a lot of people crazy but it works for me. 

Not the least of all I have been spinning…the spindle is getting a workout these days and I am improving.  Its not 3ply laceweight yet (and may never be!) but someday, my ultimate goal is to spin some nice consistant sock yarn.  With practice I know I’ll get there.   More pictures soon!

Sorry for short post, have a great Monday everyone and if you stop by, leave a comment please!

24 October, 2006, 12:44 pm
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Ick.  I hab a cowd.  Be back lader in dah week.

18 October, 2006, 4:35 pm
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101806_1655ahappyyarn.jpg…Thats fun yarn!101806_1654awoot.jpg Is it balanced?   101806_1651ahanging.jpgOk, we aren’t talking some Cirque-Du-Soleil-chick-on-the- head-of-a-pin-balanced but I’m happy with it for a real first try.  Plying, how I do so love thee…I have a hard time fighting off that “Race to the Pole” feeling though, because I just want to see the finished yarn already!   Still, as long as I keep telling my feet to slow down life is good.  I still have about, half of the ball of wolf hair (ok, it is not really wolf hair but that is what it looks like) to go and then I think I will have a significant amount of yarn to do something with.  I seem to be stuck in scarf mode these days so thats probably what this will be…or a simple shawl perhaps.  The yarn looks rustic and woodsy and it makes me think of snow on the ground, wood fires in the fireplace and yes…more hot chocolate.

*Love you Joss

Another Breakthrough
18 October, 2006, 1:20 pm
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I have made peace with my wheel.   Yesterday, I spun all day with the drop spindle and practiced plying up some-ahem-designer yarn (really, its pretty stuff, thick/thin but in a predictable pattern like it is supposed to be that way  though it was purely by accident).  I was looking around for different fiber to try and remembered that I had 2 large bags o’wool in my closet of at least a pound or more each.  I dug it out (relieved to find no mice had taken up residence in the 5+ years its been bagged up), pulled some off and started spindling it.  Did that for a while, enough to ply up a teeny sample and knit a wrist warmer to do an itch test. (I really should make Monique wear it since she is the one that cannot abide the feel of most wool)

That got me thinking….hmm….this is nice but it would be nicer still to make more of it faster…hmmm…now how might I do that?  Of course, my nemesis, the wheel.   I should mention that its a perfectly nice wheel, well made and lovely to look at, a Kromski Mazurka actually.  Great decoration for giving a room that cottage-y look but  probably not the easiest wheel for a newb like me to work with.  It was a gift though, and a rather expensive one at that, so I have been trying to make the best of the situation. 

I grab my ball of fiber, pull off some nice length and predraft a good bit.  I tie on the leader and treadle just to make sure all is well.  I sigh, take a deep breath and then…the magic happens!

The wool I’m using is not smooth and nice like the pristine white merino I had tried this with before…its rough, natural grey-white-black-touch of brown, it is sproingy and has character this wool does.  I’ve started calling it “Hair O’the Wolf”.  We get along famously, this wool and I, and soon I’m spinning a decent single…then time does a weird standing still thing and all of a sudden, I have a full bobbin!  Panic!  that means I have to change bobbins! What if I don’t do something right and I break this wonderful spinning spell I have going?!  Ah well, I have to do it so…I put the empty bobbin on the wheel and…what do you know?  I start back up like I never stopped in the first place!  Out of nowhere my hands and feet and brain just “get it” finally!  I wanted to do a happy dance but I didn’t want to stop spinning to do it…so I when I stopped for the night I celebrated in true knitterly/spinnery style-with a big mug of steaming hot chocolate with whipped cream. Oh Yeah Bay-beeee! (ok, right now…if you’re thinking that I need to get out more…you might not be far off.)

I probably broke a zillion spinning rules but…it works for me.  As usual, I think I was over thinking the process and that was keeping me from effectively doing anything.  Once I let go…things happened.  That and the fact I pledged a yarn diet, imposed until I have used up all my roving and the majority of my stash yarn. 

Now that brings us to today and more spinning progress.  I am nearly done filling the second bobbin and then will ply it up and see what I’ve got.  I can’t wait!  Silvia, you were so right! Thanks for your encouragement!!


Tomarrow I will show the yarn that this becomes.  Stay tuned…

Scarf love
17 October, 2006, 11:52 am
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This is what the flaming blazing mango spun single became…A101706_1137ablazingmangoscarf.jpga short scarf for Monique, who adores its, umm….handcrafted characteristics.  I did keep apologizing for its irregularity but she said thats one reason she liked it so much, that and the fact it is, well,  *Blazing Mango* after all.   She also said that she couldn’t believe just how soft the wool is!  Mwhahahahahaha….she is succumbing to my evil plan to turn her to the “Sheep Side” of knitting….hehehehe.   Specs: one beginner’s ineptly spun single, wool type unkown, hand dyed using Kool-Aid and knitted using the brilliant Yarn Harlot ‘s one row scarf pattern. 

Off to make more yarn!

PS….thats Monique modeling the scarf.  I don’t think she has taken it off since I gave it to her!  I grabbed the pic as she was dashing off for work…its really grey here today so the lighting isn’t that great.

Houston, we have…
16 October, 2006, 9:39 am
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Some yarn!!!!   Yay!  I know I have been a way a bit (got called in to work Thursday, and then worked my regular weekend so that left little time to share my excitement) but this is what I’ve been doing in my spare time.   I was fooling around with my drop spindle while roaming the fiberblog world and stumbled on a website that had clear directions (I know the yarn is wound on a bobbin but it was spun on the spindle…I’m trying to make my wheel jealous) and all of a sudden it came together! I was so excited I didn’t want to stop…I’m sure you all know THAT feeling.101606_0959ayarn.jpg

Anyway, if you compare it to my first bobbin (shown up there in the header) and squint real hard, I …umm….think you can see some improvement…now I’m spinning the flaming mango stuff and it is much more consistent-I’ll show you a picture of that later after I practice plying.  I am so excited!

I have also begun a quick gift present out of some Classic Elite Inca Alpaca using The Yarn Harlot‘s new scarf pattern.  The alpaca is so soft and drapes beautifully already-I know this scarf will be just perfect.   The color is periwinkle-ish semi-lavendar heathery blue.   Did I mention how soft it is?  Very very soft…

Anyway, this is my day off (back on call tomarrow and will probably be needed) so I want to sqeeze in as much yarn fun as I can so I’m off to knit and spin.  Have a pleasant Monday and I’ll get back to you soon!