Hair O\’the Lamb

30 November, 2006, 12:28 pm
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I know I really need to get over this post-Clapotis slump but no other knitting project comes close to being as much fun.  Its not that I don’t have projects swirling around my head ( Holiday stockings, socks, baby gifts, socks, and more socks) and a sweater in progress its just….sigh…well, you know how it is.  Sienna is a very nice sweater and it will be a great addition to my closet but…it is solid colored olive green worsted, not a whisper of color variation at all.  I hadn’t realized how much I dislike 100% solid yarn…I guess I have to say I need a hint of tweediness at the very least to keep it interesting.  Now there are times that it is advisable to knit with a perfectly solid color…I just can’t think of any right now.  Limits are made to be expanded and if its possible to knit an intricate lace shawl in a not-quite-solid-color why not something else even if the designer envisoned it in a solid color?  Sienna is a very simple knit, a cardigan enhanced by a pair of open work cables up the front and a very charming collar, it wouldn’t look awful if the yarn had some depth to it.   I’m not saying I’d use a self striping hand dyed varigated yarn for it but its simple enough to take a BIT of something.  I only started working on her in the olive because it was reasonably priced and I needed a quick yarn fix.   Plus I DO like the color….it just needs help.  Now I could rip out the parts I have knitted already, steam the yarn smooth again and do a bit of overdying with a different shade so that there are tones of olive that blend in a pleasant way….OR I could hop in the car and dash off to the local Michaels (we have 2 big box craft stores in town and I was at the other one a day or so ago.  It was frightening to see that their  yarn section-which had never been great but they did carry Lion Brand Wool at least-had been taken over by an acrylic eyelash explosion that really had to be seen to be believed. I had no idea there could be so many shades of ick in one place.) and see if they have any mass produced tweedy wool in stock.  My much beloved LYS is 30 miles east of here and the weather is nasty so that is right out of the question, however driving approximately 10 minutes in hope of finding a better yarn seems insane almost doable.  Does it sound like I’m trying to talk myself in/out of something?  As far as what yarn I have stashed under my bed…there is a certain rust colored tweedy yarn that would be just perfect…when I bought it I stocked up on the color since I liked it so much and got enough to make 2 sweaters.   I have since knitted the SKB (well the body and one sleeve anyway) with it and easily have enough for Sienna (and even if I don’t have just enough I can cannibilize the SKB without tears. Really.  I could. In. a. heartbeat.) ….and I DO love the yarn…and I’m not too far into the olive yarn to feel bad about ripping it back and using it again (after it takes a little detour to the dye pot)….folks…I think we have a winner!

Stay tuned!


Ok, one more post…
29 November, 2006, 3:57 pm
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About my Clapotis…Can you tell I’m in love with it?  Someone close to me said, upon seeing it finished, “it looks like sunlight falling on the forest floor.” and indeed, it does.


So now I am back to the Sienna Cardigan.  I’m going to miss the fun of Noro knitting though, the pure surprise of watching the subtle colors unfolding under my hands, the fun of just reaching into the bag of yarn for the next ball and knowing it probably will still look good even if the sequence doesnt match perfectly…sigh.   I think I need more Noro. 

The Clapotis, she is done!
27 November, 2006, 11:35 pm
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112706_1222bclap2.jpgThat was a fun knit!  Why oh why did I wait so long to make one of these??  What a great way to spend Noro-vember…I would have been done sooner , but took a week off to travel.  Specs:

Noro Silk Garden Color #88, knitted on 5.0 mm needles (Denise and Brittany Birch)  I used 7 whole balls plus a few yards of an 8th. I promise better pictures tomorrow since its nearly midnight and the lighting in my room isn’t condusive to great photography, but I’ll include  one to give you an idea of the colors.

Pardon me….
24 November, 2006, 6:23 pm
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I couldnt resist this one:

1) You: Romantic

2) Your Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: Intuitive

3) Your Hair: Straight

4) Your Mother: Hyperactive

5) Your Father: Deceased

6) Your favorite item: Computer

7) Your Dream last night: Forgotten

8.Your favorite drink: Tea

9) Your dream car: Rover

10) The room you are in: Studio

11) Your Ex: quiet

12) Your Fear: Spiders

13) What you want to be in 10 years: Retired

14) Who you hung out with last night: Roomate

15) What you are not: Extroverted

16) Muffins: banana

17) One of your Wish List items: chain

18) Time: flies

19) Last thing you did: Knitted

20) What you are wearing: Pajamas

21) Favorite weather: crisp

22) Favorite book: Hobbit

23) Last thing you ate: turkey

24) Your Life: Bittersweet

25) Your Mood: optimistic

26) Your Best Friend: Monique

27) What are you thinking about right now?: ECF

28) Your Car: none

29) What are you doing at the moment: Wishing

30) Your Summer: memorable

31) Your relationship status: taken

32) What is on your t.v.?: off

33) What is the weather like?: cool

34) When was the last time you laughed?: today

Knitting content to resume tomarrow…3 repeats to go on the straight section of Clapotis! 

23 November, 2006, 10:42 am
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What a trip!!   Delayed flights, close connections, running through a HUGE airport….*sigh* good times, good times…..*giggle*

Actually I had a great trip, a wonderful job interview (even though I was an hour late-eek!) and come next year, I have a new job that sounds fun and challenging.  In between times though I will still be knitting (sorting) knitting (packing) knitting (working) knitting (shopping) knitting (moving) knitting (studying) knitting (blogging) and more knitting.  Oh, and I hope to still throw some spinning in there too…I’m not at the sock yarn level yet! 

I finished a quick gift scarf but was unable to actually GIFT it due to bad weather and a cancelled ferry.  Sadly, I hadn’t planned ahead enough and so had to fly back without any yarn and with empty needles!  Gasp!  Luckily for me though, I did pick up the IK Winter Issue and could dream.  Also, one of my seatmates on the flight home was knitting and we had a wonderful chat about it (I think the poor woman in the middle must have thought us quite nuts carrying on about yarn as we were). 

I seriously am back now for at least a month or so..if all goes well I may be moving before the holidays but that seems unlikely so probably more like January.  I am about one third of the way done on my Clapotis and am totally loving knitting it.  It is the best combo of mindless knitting with a beautiful finished object. Pictures soon!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those reading this who celebrate it today!   While I have many many many things to be thankful for this year I think I am mostly grateful for 1)Monique (without her I would have had no place to live these past months),  2)my two amazing children (I know I don’t talk about them much as I try to leave very personal things out my blogworld),  3)One unbelievably special person (You know who you are!!) and 4) last but not least of all….sheep.  And chocolate.

I’m back again
9 November, 2006, 12:41 pm
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Wow…sorry about that absence, but I assure you I was knitting and doing a little spinning.   I did a bit of ebay shopping too, snagging some nice spindles and some boootiful BFL roving (a whole pound!).  Oh, that “cold” I had a while back?  I found out it was the warm up to getting the Mother-of-all cold sores on my nose.  Attractive?…..ehhhh…not so much (another reason for no pictures!) Good thing is, I’m healing up and it is nearly gone now thanks to rest and meds.  On the knitting front, I did finish the Tasha shawl but can’t show you a pic because its packed for my trip.  I’m going way out of town again (out of the country this time actually) and will be back Friday.   Then I promise new postings on a regular basis!  I am still working on the Sienna cardigan but have temporarily shelved the SKB.  I just cant bear to look at it right now for some reason.  I am working on a Clapotis for Noro-vember and promise some pics of that soon.  Why oh why did I wait so long to knit that?  It is sooooo fun and relaxing, I am trying to get M to make one too so we can have our own little Knit along here at Chez Trois Chat.   Oh and the colours (practicing my “u” again)!!!  The grey, green, browns and violets remind me of springtime and make me very happy.  I love knitting with Noro yarns because, well, you just are never  quite sure what is gonna happen next.  There has been only a very teeny bit of VM in this yarn bunch so far and only one knot….nearly a miracle it seems.  I made a felted bag with some Kureyon a while back and it was way worse than this lot.  Still all that aside, I just love the yarn and would knit with it anyway.  But, I’m weird like that.