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Its….”Birds on a Plane!”
25 January, 2007, 2:48 pm
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 Got here to Vancouver on the 16th, after the strangest flight delay I have ever heard of…flight from Denver to Vancouver was delayed because on the trip over from the hangar, 4 small birds flew into the plane (it was explained that one of the mechanics driving the plane over must have left the door ajar…) and they were able to get 3 out but one flew into the cockpit as we were boarding and went under the rudder pedals.   We sat on the runway for about 20 minutes as they tried to get the bird to come out, then they switched us over to another plane (which was late) so it totalled up to about a 2 hour or so delay from the bird incident.   And, yes, there were many “Birds on a Plane!” jokes going around among us passengers but it was amazing how everyone was so relaxed about the delay.  Our flight crew was excellent-the Pilot and the Co-Pilot were women-and the rest of the flight proceeded without troubles and we had a perfect landing in the heavy fog and rain of Vancouver.  As an aside, they told us as we were leaving that the last bird had come out from the underbelly of the plane after we had all left but they still were unable to get it to fly out and it ducked back under the floor…last word was they were trying food as a means of luring it out.

So I am finally here, learning my way around, adjusting once again to Pacific time (the best time zone by far in my opinion) and hanging out until my work visa comes through. 

I even have my first 100% Canadian FO!  I made another pair of “Fetching” hand warmers (great pattern!).  I bought the yarn and needles here and completed the pattern in a few days…they are nice and warm but a little large since my choice of needles wasn’t extensive I had to go with a slightly larger gauge than the yarn really should have been used for but I like them.  I did make one slight modification to the pattern-I added another repeat of the cable to make the cuff a little longer so that I can wear them under my coat sleeves a bit more easily.  I have a ball of the yarn left over (I always buy 2, just in case) and am thinking about knitting a little neck warmer or something, maybe even another pair to save for Christmas gifting.  Never hurts to plan in advance, right?

My yarn, roving and spinning wheel (as well as the rest of my clothes, computer, etc…) are all in transit by ground from Kansas as we speakand I can’t wait until they get here!  I don’t start my new job until the 5th of February and I expect all will be here by then…but I did check with my new employer just in case, telling her I’d be showing up in tee shirts and jeans until the rest of my things show up.  She was ok with that so I have no worries.

Since I have very limited knitting resources at hand (oh, I could go and check out the other great yarn stores but I’m trying not to spend much at the moment) I have returned to my other hobby, playing World of Warcraft with my friends.  I have been having a great time and it keeps my mind off the fact that I am not knitting. Or spinning.  All fiber activity will resume after said belongings arrive-never fear!  I am even missing my sock yarn…after reading all of the blogs lately and seeing everyone’s beautiful socks I’m itchy to get knitting some.

Happy Thursday and now that I am more settled, I will be posting regularly again!


And the blanket you blocked it on…
6 January, 2007, 12:06 pm
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Caution:Picture heavy post-I’m making up for lost time here)

This is not what I should be doing…but can you say *procrastination* boys and girls?  Its easy…Pro-crast-tin-I’m-never-going-to-get-all-this-stuff-packed-na-shun.  Very good!  In view of this,  I decided to take some long overdue pictures instead.  Seemed reasonable after all, at least I’m doing something, right? *wink*

In order of completion we have “Tasha’s Shawl”  a very simple design that I did in some home dyed norwegian sportweight superwash wool (just how many words does it take to describe a yarn anyway? Discuss.).  I dyed it a few years ago using white vinegar and plain grocery store food coloring.  I have no idea how I did it…I was one with the yarn and…magic happened.  I do not know how to describe the coloration…marbled I guess comes closest.  I swear, nearly every stitch is a different color, yet all from the same palette, and it works.  It looks mostly like an aerial view of a large forest in the fall, so I call it “Dark Autumn”.010607_1118atasha1.jpg010607_1117btashaedgedetail.jpg010607_1126atashacolordetail.jpg

Dimensions:67″across, 32″ from top edge to point.  Unknown quantity of yarn, something like 4 or 5 balls. I remember it was from, but brand and name are lost to the mists of time.  Garter stitch with simple yarn over edge, picot bind off. Design:”Truly Tasha’s Shawl” by Nancy Bush (the link is currently broken so you’ll have to search it yourself later if interested)

 Ahhh….Forest Canopy Shawl…how I love thee.  My first lace shawl project and it couldn’t have been a better introduction to the subject.  This is destined to be a birthday present later today so…shhh don’t tell KRISTEN!

First the required lace shawl blocking picture…I know its not perfectly even but, true to lace knitting tradition, it was blocked right after being finished at about 1230 am and I had 3 cats helping me (and, yes, those are my toes…).   Its as perfect as I could make it is all I’m gonna say:010407_0043alaceshawl1.jpg

The finished shawl, artfully draped over its blocking quilt…010607_1119afcs.jpg

Detail, in sunlight, to remind us of its name:010607_1120afcssunlight.jpg

Details:  Forest Canpy Shawl, using size 8 (US) needles and Patons Classic Wool in Deep Olive. Used approximately 250 yds (about 1 and 1/4 balls of yarn) Dimensions: 54″ across, 30″ from center edge to point.  Only took a few days of knitting to finish, incredibly easy to do.  Even with my brain scrambled with stress, I managed-to my great surprise-to memorize the pattern.  Wonderful project to start off with, one of the best FO’s for the time invested ever designed.  I want to make another one, maybe even in laceweight this time.  I think a black one would be nice….

Feeling over confident now…I want to start the Wing O’the Moth but know that I should practice a little more and at least wait until after the big move.  Seriously, its going to be hard to pack my yarn away and not be able to knit for a while (well, except for my travel project-at this point I’m considering a scarf since I love long simple mindless knitting for travel…perhaps even another garter stich shawl would fit the bill) since knitting is my daily habit, but I know I have to.  Even so, the yarn is getting packed last!

Have a great weekend all and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

La La La…La
3 January, 2007, 5:31 pm
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Whew…holidays are over…my loong work week is in the rearview mirror and I have 4(maybe 5) days off to recover, organize and begin packing.   Not to mention throwing in a little knitting here and there too, I am still working on a few projects that should get done soon. 

I spent a little bit of money from the sale of some beads I had and bought “Victorian Lace Today”.  Wow.  The first time I looked at this book in the bookstore I had to set it down because I was feeling faint.  In my teen years I discovered the book, “Knitting Lace” by Barbara Abbey.   I knitted up tons of edgings but never ventured into the more advanced projects (I gave it up because, at the time-as hard as it may be to be believed-my family thought it was strange enough that I knit anyway but a teenager who sat around and knitted lace of all things?  Too weird to tolerate.)  “Victorian Lace Today” reminds me in many ways of how knitting lace was one of my first loves of knitting…and one that I can’t wait to revisit.  Plus it has great photography of some wonderful English Manor Houses (another secret passion of mine)  and tons of history related to lace and knitting (yep, another passion).  I’d really love to start knitting something from it right away but circumstances do not allow at the moment being that I need to pack and get ready for the movers.  I’m keeping my projects simple right now and am looking for something for travel knitting…maybe a sock or hand warmer.  The Forest Canopy Shawl will be done by then (only 12 rows of edging to go!) … so socks might just be the thing.

Happy New Year to all (3?4?) reading this and I look forward to posting better stuff with more pictures in the weeks to come.