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Going Back
20 March, 2007, 6:43 pm
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I know its been a very long time since I’ve posted and for that I apolgize.   My life has not been going as to plan since I moved to Vancouver and now I find myself poised to return to California (see my Yahoo avatar).  I am excited by this turn of events, as unpredictable as it is, and will be leaving on Friday.   I have not spoken much of my children but this move is to return to them, to go back and be a real presence in their lives instead of a face on a webcam once a week.  The stresses that first caused me to leave California are still, for the most part, there…I have to hope that I have developed better skills to cope with them.  Knitting of course is great therapy, and I will have lots of time for that in my future.  I promise to post more often and have actual knitting content to report on.  Currently I have finished a pair of socks, and have made a good bit of progress on another forest canopy shawl (I had to tink a few rows since I suffered a lapse and forgot what row I was on).   This summer one of my friends, Kristen, gave me sweater that she had gotten from Ebay (but had not liked much when it arrived)…she thought it was a sweater “from the ’70’s”.   I recognized it as having been handknit and not only handknit but knit from self patterning sock yarn.   A full size adult sweater, knit painstakingly from sock yarn…its creator must have been insane inspired to make such a thing.   A few weeks ago, when I was in a yarn shop, I found the same yarn and decided to knit socks that match my sweater.  I have just turned the heel on the first one and its looking….unique.  I promise pictures when I’m done. 

Thanks for your patience and I will begin posting regularly after I get my computer set up in sunny California!