Hair O\’the Lamb

Since they come out at night…
30 August, 2007, 6:43 pm
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baby moth0830071905babymoth2.jpg…here is the first glimpse of the WOM shawl…


I’ll have to be more careful…
30 August, 2007, 11:40 am
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Wth what I say about the weather here!  Since my last posting it has been over 100 F, yesterday 105!    But, since this is a knitting/spinning blog and not a weather report, I am going to try and refrain from meteorological comments from now on!

I’m currently working on the “Wing O’ the Moth” shawl in fine black alpaca and am loving it so far.  I will be needing a shawl or two for some travel next year and with the way I knit, now is the time to start!  Pictures soon, right now I have no camera…

Have a great weekend all!

ok, its been a long time but now I’m REALLY back
27 August, 2007, 11:20 am
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I know practically no one out there is going to read this but, I am now ready to resume my blog postings.  This year so far has been quite eventful, or as in that familiar Chinese proverb-“interesting”.   Now established again in Northern California, things have calmed to the point that I can write about my spinning and knitting adventures.  I am warming (literally) up to living here but do miss the lushness of British Columbia, even my short time there turned me into a lifelong fan… the mountains, the trees,  the water…. *sigh*   This area has what is know as a Mediterranean climate… almonds, olives, grapes grow well here.  Orange, lemon and palm trees are common in home landscaping, along with massive cacti.   That should be large hint!  With cool winters (think frost on the ground a few times-when I lived here before I passed a whole of a winter season once, never wearing a jacket to work over my scrubs) and blazingly arid summers with virtually no rain for about 6 months of the year-its not exactly wool country.  Great for almonds, not so good for a wool loving knitter.  I press on however, clinging to the myth of cool evenings in the summer and looking forward to a few precious  months of dampness.  I’m not really complaining…I love heat…it just interferes with my favorite hobby and makes me think deep thoughts like, “why am I knitting this?” when I cast on for another sweater.  With that in mind ( and since a girl can only knit so many tank tops), I have turned to knitting small intimate lingerie items since you can wear them indoors in airconditioned comfort and in the event of another ice age, I COULD wear them under my other clothes.  I don’t know about you, but most commercially available lingerie doesn’t so much excite me as much as make me want to run the other way.  It is often scratchy and not really that attractive.  Knitting your own, however, lets you pick the fiber (silk-never a bad  choice) and customize the fit for comfort.  I do like a more vintage look to my unmentionables and fortunately there are a lot of ancient patterns and many antique inpired new ones out there to pick from. 

So let me say, I’m happy to be back and will keep you informed on my spinning progress.  I am still waiting for the weather to cool off a bit before starting up the wheel again!