Hair O\’the Lamb

31 October, 2007, 6:58 am
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Last evening, I came home from work (about an hour early…I jumped at the chance to go, not something I would normally do.  Its a long story but I can sum it up in 2 words-Emergency Room…ick) put the groceries away, took a shower, made dinner and sat down to read my email.  A funny thing happened just then…my monitor began to shake….then my desk began to shake…then I felt my whole apartment shaking.  I jumped up and took two steps across the room to the doorway of my bedroom and it stopped.  The hair was standing up on the back of my neck and I felt a little queasy…and I realized then I had felt my first real Californian earthquake. (2 weeks ago my monitor quivered for a few seconds but nothing was reported anywhere so I didnt really take it very seriously).   I immediately called my XH to find out how the boys were and he answered the phone..”yep, thats what it was!” (he knew I was going to ask, since I had just asked him the same thing 2 weeks ago)…he said he herded the boys (they are 4 1/2 and 6) to the doorway and told them what it was.  My ex-husband is a native of California and has lived here (and in Seattle) all his life and is very familiar with earthquakes.  I was really puzzled though, because in this area of the San Joaquin valley, there are no known close fault lines…we both checked the USGS site and found that it was centered near San Jose-about 100 miles from here.  Wow…its hard for my mind to wrap itself around the fact that here (we live not far from Modesto) we felt the vibrations of the earth that occurred 5 miles down and 100 miles away!  Sobering thought indeed…


Hey Toto!
24 October, 2007, 8:19 am
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 I dug this picture out of my archives to add some seasonal color to my page.  No, this isnt what autumn looks like in the part of California where I live (here its more like leaves turn brown overnight and suddenly fall off as if in fear of the temperature dipping below 50 degrees F.-not very exciting)-this is from last Fall when I was in Kansas.  They get a little more color there, though not like the blazing reds, golds, pinks, orange, bronzes and even purple shades I knew while I was growing up in Pennsylvania.  Still, its a touch of nature and thats never a bad thing.

Ok, I think I’m ready to tackle the Bonnie Sweater.  I wish I had a better camera though…that would make things so much easier since I could see more detail but, oh well.  I’ll have to have Bonnie send me the ones she took.

On related knitting matters…I frogged the Fleece artist shrug.  No good reason except a creeping fear of not having enough yarn-which would have lead to it getting frogged anyway.  This marks the third time I have begun this particular pattern (Lion Brand Spring Fresh Shrug) with this yarn and I think thats enough.  Project and material are just not matching.  Too bad, thats a simple nice shrug pattern…I’m sure I’ll make it sometime-just not with this yarn.  I thought long and hard about what to use it for and I came up with “Bob and Weave” from a past Knitty edition.   Its a lot like Clapotis in some ways except that its not knit on the bias and it is a bit simpler.   After the wrap is finished and all the stitches are dropped and run back, then a ribbon-type yarn is woven through the spaces left by the dropped stitches.  Easy and simple and it will showcase this lovely yarn perfectly.  Ok, ok, I know I dont wear the shawls or wraps that I have but…this will be different.  Its done in warm Autumn colors and I’m thinking about using some kind of silk hand-dyed ribbon or some sari silk ribbon to weave through the spaces.  I’m a sucker for silk ribbons in general, so I can’t see a downside to this project.

Here’s the current total of things I’m knitting:  1) B&W, 2) Mothra, 3) Ariann, 4) Rowena, 5) generic black ribbed legwarmers.   Its a little trimmed down since I’m trying to make way for some new lingerie project that I have in the wings.  Its going to be very vintage-y and I cant wait for the yarn and the pattern to get here.  I’m using Blue Sky Alpaca’s “Alpaca Silk” and a bit of Debbie Bliss “Pure Silk”…so luxurious!!  You can count on a silk ribbon or two being thrown in there too.

Mr. Wolf?
18 October, 2007, 4:00 pm
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Finished the red legwarmers!  My only complaint is that I ran out of yarn just a little too soon….having had only one ball of the red for each.  Good thing I have short legs and plan to wear them scrunched down as ankle warmers anyway. I  also frogged the “Clapotis” inspired arm warmers…nice but not into knitting them right now-maybe later.  Sort of a moot point really, as I have never actually worn my Clap anyway so why do I need armwarmers too?  /Sigh   Maybe when it gets cooler here…

I’m clearing a path  for upcoming plans so that things I’m really interested in can get my full attention.   I hope to finish the Fleece Artist shrug soon (maybe this weekend) so that will be out of the way too.

And of course there is what I’m starting to be tempted to call “The Bonnie Situation” sweater, if only because the other person involved is named *Bonnie*  she is also a nurse and we have a situation with this sweater…not for any bad reason at all (the Bonnie I work with is very nice and quite cool….very green and environmental!).  However, much like..umm…you know…this too will require a LOT of teamwork to get done.  Hehehe…then maybe we can go out to breakfast…

*Tap* *Tap*….Is this thing on…? *
18 October, 2007, 11:55 am
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Ok people (I know, didn’t you always hate it when a teacher would start a class that way?)…its time for any of you who may have come across this page-probably mainly by accident, I’m not on a lot of lists yet-to reach out and lend a hand.   No, I’m not talking about a knitting charity (though I love and support those with all my heart), I’m talking about letting your presence be known by throwing your 2 cents in on a project I am doing.   Here’s the scenario-

Everyone at work knows that I knit, so…a friend of mine came up to me the other day with a proposition.  She had a sweater that she really liked and wanted to make another like it…in essence she wanted to make a copy as close as possible to the original sweater.  This is 100% for her personal use and not for any commercial purpose in any conceivable way.  I told her I would help her figure out the construction and work with her to develop the pattern and all that.   BUT…I have never back engineered a garment before…I have dinked with patterns and stuff but I have never tried  something like this from the ground up.  To add a little more challenge to it, she has a set amount of yarn that she wants to use (she started knitting a sweater years ago, lost interest, then decided to take it up again and has frogged it to provide the yarn for this)…its good quality yarn but I hope it hasnt been discontinued-just in case.  To be honest, I havent even tried looking for it.  As far as dye lot goes, thats not a huge problem since she is open to adding other colors as long as its tastefully done (the example sweater has some subtle striping and she likes it).   We have measured the original, sketched diagrams made notes, just about everything but sleep with the thing last night and I think I’m ready to go but wondered if there was anyone out there who had worked it out like this.  I’m used to starting with an idea or a pattern…then the magic happens…and you come out with a sweater on the other side…this is adding a part to that equation.   I know I have to swatch, swatch, swatch until I match the gauge…and I am trying to visualize the construction (which is unusual) in a way to fit the pieces together with as little seaming as possible.

The sweater itself is a shawl collared, double breasted cardigan, knit in 3 large pieces.  The bottom 2/3rds of the sweater is knit bottom up in garter stitch, then it meets the bodice/sleeve section which is knit in stockinette stitch and cuff to cuff, then the stitches are picked up for the center shawl collar/yoke section.  The whole thing is closed with a single visible button, and one on the inside to make sure it lays properly.  There are a few small sections of gathering , one centered in the back and one under each side of the bust.  Thats a nice detail that adds a lot to the sweater and I dont want to lose it.   The part that strikes the most fear in me is the center yoke/collar section.  I am pretty sure that it will need to be sewn in and that we will be knitting a very unusual shape to make it fit.  

Any ideas?   Please leave a comment or contact me via email (hairothelamb AT yahoo dot com)if you have any helpful hints.

I’ll be swatching.

*M, thanks for the title inspiration

Count me in…
16 October, 2007, 8:20 am
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I received my Ravelry invite the other day (!!!) and actually have been spending nearly every waking moment a lot of time gaping wide-eyed at all the knitting goodness!  Wow…its incredible and revolutionary…and amazing…

The other day when I was listing all my current projects, I forgot about my “Clapotis” themed arm warmers.  I’m using the same Noro Silk Garden color (#88) that I used when I made the wrap last year.  Since I am on a little break from work-I have three whole days off in a row this week and I am very happy-I will be able to make some dents a few of them I hope…if I can tear my eyes away from Ravelry that is.

I have made myself promise not to begin anything until I get at least one of the current batch finished.  The lead contenders are the legwarmers and the shrug.  I figure I can power through at least one of those this week, since I have an idea fermenting in my head for some “unmentionables”  /wink

I hope to have more pictures soon, but as I only have my cellcam, things aren’t of very good quality so I will spare you the fuzziness until I have a finished object to show.

Roll Call…
11 October, 2007, 1:15 pm
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In a flurry of knitting-ness….I have begun quite a few new things.  Currently on the needles I have 1) the Mothra Shawl in black prime alpaca 2) Ariann Cardigan in elann Peruvian worsted3) a shrug using Fleece Artist Kid Aran-so soft! I’m not sure of the colorway though it may be “Origin” 4)Rowena Cardigan from the book, “Knit 2 Together” in Frog Tree Pima silk in a lovely shade of sage green  and 5) a pair of red wool legwarmers in Knitpicks Wool of the Andes.

I work well like this, switching off between projects.  When I tire of lace, I go to the mindless circular knitting of the legwarmers, when I need a something fun-I pull out Ariann for a while…but one thing has ocurred to me.

I think I have passed the point of no return…the things I want to knit is getting a bit out of hand!  I want to make cuddly bed blankets for my boys, a felted jellyfish (a special request by the oldest son), hoodies for them, slippers for the family, about five sweaters from Knitty, a few sweaters from other books, at least 2 or 3 lace wraps, lots of socks, some delicate lingerie…the list is never ending.  My only recourse is….I need to KNIT FASTER!!!


3 October, 2007, 10:07 am
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Sorry I haven’t written in a bit, I was away for a week on vacation to Vancouver, BC and as soon as I got home I was working working working……and then I got sick.

Right now I am still working on “Ariann” and the infamous “Wing O’ the Moth” shawl.  I am going to refer to the latter from now on as the “Mothra” shawl since for the past few months my 6 year old has been obsessed with Godzilla and his pals.  I am sure that this is hereditary on his part, as I was the very same way at his age (and still am, having blossomed into a serious science fiction fan to this day).  For his recent birthday he asked for some Godzilla toys (I found a great stuffed one-yes, he sleeps with it), and one of his aunts found a fantastic action figure set which includes my personal favorite, Mothra.   We often re-enact “Godzilla vs Mothra”  and other scenes from the movies we watch, and have gone so far as to learn the words to the “Mothra Song” (if you have ever seen the movies, you know what I mean).  So I have decided that in the confines of this blog I shall henceforth refer to that  project as the “Mothra” shawl.   It makes me smile.

Back to knitting….

I am also working on a pair of Clapotis inspired hand/arm warmers done in Noro Silk Garden to match the wrap I made last fall…that is a fast project and I will finish those later today.

More later!