Hair O\’the Lamb

18 March, 2008, 8:49 am
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p1010016.jpgp1010016.jpgpretty goodyarnnotbad yarn


In my bathroom (I’m not oversharing here, I promise) I have a large scallop shell that I use as a soap dish.  It has the prettiest colors on the inside, soft pinks, pale purples, taupe, fawn…and I decided to use that as my inspiration for the colors of this yarn.  Despite my reputation with my oldest friends as being a *Goth Princess* in my previous life (I hear you snickering out there), I admit a certain fondness for some shades of pink…natural shades like shells, insides of bunny ears, kitten toes…and rosy cheeks-not the neon pinks from the  ’80s.  Antique pink…blush….pink like rare steak. (Like I always said, you can take the girl out of the goth but you can’t take the goth out of the girl)

I am pleased that my spinning is improving with practice (compare to the yarn in my header up there for proof)!  I gifted the “hotdog” yarn-the yellow/red/purple/green/white skein that I mentioned a few days ago to Bonnie (the Bonnie from the great yarn hunt situation. BTW she is nearly done with that sweater and I’ll share a pic as soon as she is) but this yarn I am keeping.   I spent this morning dyeing up the remainder of the BFL roving in the same colorway so that I will have more than enough for say…socks?  A scarf with a Shell lace pattern maybe?  I know that this yarn is very soft even though I tried to spin it firmly and probably wouldn’t be ideal for socks but there is something to be said for special socks to be worn around the house on lazy Saturday mornings…and I do have a great pair of pink Dansko sandals that would look great with socks in this color….this is getting exciting!


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