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Goodbye Opal…
19 April, 2008, 11:15 am
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Everyone knows about that thing that knitters seem to have with cats, and maybe not every knitter has cats (dogs ARE fine pets too), but many many knitters do lean towards the feline in such matters as household companions.  I, myself, am one of the cat people…I have had dogs, and probably will have dogs again sometime, but for the past 20 years or so I have had nothing but cats.  Sadly, now I have one less cat.

  Opal came into my life in November of 1994 and it was love at first sight.  After scouring the local shelters for just the right kitten (or cat, I wasn’t too choosy) I broke down and went to a pet store.  I didn’t even see her at first- the fluffy tabbies roughousing in the newspaper shavings were too adorable to miss-but after their charm wore off I spotted her, ensconced on a ferret hammock above the fray.  She raised her little head and looked at me, then resumed napping.   It was love, though she didnt know it yet.  I pointed to her and said, “I’ll take that one” and it was done.  As I carried her out of the store she began “meowling”, a unique sound somewhere between a meow and a howl.  She could talk indeed (my vet always said that she was at least part burmese) and did often.    She was tiny, never growing over eight pounds and was totally black (her name came because we figured that her birthday was in October and that was the birthstone…I didnt want to go with any of the usual black cat names) with greeny-yellow eyes.  She was dignified and polite in every way, even when begging for sushi bits (her favorite thing) reaching out to touch your hand with the lightest of taps then putting her paw down to wait because of course you were going to give her some.  Of course you would…because she was Opal.  

The past few weeks she seemed to be losing a little weight but was still happy and active….then just this week she took a sudden turn, becoming weaker…and weaker.  At the vet on friday there was nothing left to do but to say goodbye…she was too sick, too weak and sadly too old (13…what a coinincidence) to be helped.  Kidney failure, the vet said…no known source or reason…they just failed and she was gone.

Farewell Opalina, Opalette, Opal O. …you were the best little black cat ever.  We miss you… sleep well Opie.


Yes, its April
1 April, 2008, 8:07 am
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p1010029.jpgFor some reason, April always makes me happy.  January has always been my toughest month-not sure why that should be so, but it is-and the following months take a slow upturn ’til we get to April.  April makes me smile.  It may sound like a seasonal disorder but it has been this way even here in California (where spring essentially lasts like, 15 minutes and begins in late February)…perhaps it does have something to do with the amount of sunlight, I don’t know.   But today is April 1st and I’m glad.

I have been spinning and hope to finally finish up the “Seashell Pink” yarn today.  I will probably make a 2 ply out of it like the first bit, but I find chain plying so addictive that I am curious to see how it would look if I did that.  I hope I can resist the urge since the color changes have been kind of intended to be twisted in a 2 ply way. I will have pics of it later if I finish it up.

On the knitting side (I vaguely remember knitting-lol) I am plugging away on the CPH, but I am distracted by the fact I scored a “Street Smart” booklet from Ebay and have been drooling over the “Must Have Cardigan” and the “Urban Aran”….I have the yarn for the MHC in my stash already….and its tempting….but then I look over at my poor CPH and feel guilty.  I have the back and 90% of one sleeve done but I am a little disheartened since I have the original KnitScene magazine pattern  and have heard about the errata and the fact the sleeves run to the tight side.  These issues have pretty much stalled my progress as I try to decide what to do.   I think I just might rip it all out, buy the updated pattern online and start again fresh.  In the meantime…..I could begin the MHC without feeling guilty….right?

(ps-I hope you enjoy the flower pic, I took that over the Easter weekend-I was told when we bought the house that it was a kind of jasmine, it certainly smells like jasmine.  If anyone knows what it is let me know)