Hair O\’the Lamb

Three bags full….
19 May, 2008, 10:45 am
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Thats how much raw fleece I currently have!  I have washed one bag, had one waiting in the wings…then very happily acquired 2 more bags!!!  I am aswim in fleece, most specifically pure suffolk lambswool.  My friend’s son recently got 3 more sheep (Iggy, Rodeo, Snowflake and an as yet unnamed ewe). I am the benificiary of the sheared wool and I could not be happier.   Along these lines, since I had 600.00 from my best friend George the government I decided that they should fund my purchase of a drum carder.  After all, its called “stimulus money”, right?  What could be more stimulating than wool? (DO NOT ANSWER THAT)   I have purchased a new Ashford carder and plan on setting up my operation in the studio behind my house. 

And so it begins….my foray into the world of wool.  I plan on processing, dyeing (hopefully with natural dyes), and spinning this wool with the hope of selling it, and if it catches on, perhaps a new line of business down the road.  I have tons to learn but I have always wanted to do this and now the Universe has dropped a sizable amount of fleece in my lap-lets see what happens!

In related news, I have finished the “Bob and Weave” wrap from a few Knitty-s back.  I used one whole skein of Fleece Artist Kid Aran-not sure of the colorway- for the “Bobbing”and a couple skeins of KnitOne Crochet Too Tartlette and gold lame thread for the “Weaving”.  Pics to follow later today.  I love how it turned out but of course, its been 100 degrees here so I wont be using this one for a awhile.

(oh yeah, the mother of all cold sores has struck again…grrrrrr)


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you’re wrap is a-MAZ-ing.. it feels so cushy, i just wanna cuddle with it like the Snuggle Bear…

Comment by §heri

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