Hair O\’the Lamb

I’m thinking a really bad word right now….
21 May, 2008, 8:01 am
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I had a great idea for a post, logged in and promptly forgot what I was going to write about.  Shheeeesh.   I guess it couldnt have been that great then, right?  Maybe I just need some coffee.  Sadly, there is  none in the house and what with me looking like I have a 3rd degree burn on the side of my nose, I dont think running out to the coffeeshop is an option (Ok ok…I’m a Leo-we’re a vain little bunch. And we exaggerate. Sometimes). 

I have been having an affair with crocheting and it has been going fine l but I think I went and bit off more than I could handle-I started the “Chanson en Crochet” capelet in a fine mohair/rayon blend.  The yarn is doubled to give a light sportweight and the ensuing changes in gauge weren’t a problem.  I was doing fine until I got to the flower section…3 rows from the end.   I’m having trouble with wrapping my brain around that part for some reason…Anyone out there have some tips for finishing that portion?  I am considering scrapping the mohair version (even though it looks great) and doing it over in a more substantial yarn.  I guess I could always use the mohair as a lacy scarf…or I could go freeform and just make it up. We’ll see.

Oh!  I just remembered what I was going to blog about…there is a bird that lives in the backyard that sings at night.  Loudly at night…for hours.  The first night it happened it actually woke me up, but after that I got used to it and it became kinda cool and exotic.  The other day M was checking the sprinklers in the front yard and I overheard him talking to the neighbors. I didnt catch the first part of the conversation because I was in the house but it mostly went like this:

M: “oh yeah…it gets really loud sometimes…”

Neighbor: “Keeps me awake…”

M: “Us too…”

Neighbor:  unitelligable…..”and blow it out of the tree…”

M: “oh dont do that!”

Neighbor: “yeah it might have a nest of babies up there…I guess we just have to get used to the fa-la-la” . 

So true, so true.


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(okay okay, so i’m a serial commenter today…)

sqwaking birds in the countryside = tolerable

sqwaking birds in your neck of the woods = MADDENING!!

Comment by §heri


i’ve got PLENTY of coffee over here, and more than one way to make it. mmMMMmm….

Comment by §heri

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