Hair O\’the Lamb

“Blazing Mango”
28 September, 2006, 10:38 am
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092806_1104aflaming-mango.jpgThat was Monique’s answer to the survey question, “What color crayon would you be?”…and the inspiration for this roving I dyed.  (for the record, I said, “cinnamon” which makes me think I have been looking at too much Rowan yarn lately)  I used Kool-aid and I think it turned out pretty much as I expected, having areas of bright mango-y orange, soft yellow and some nice areas of more peach-y tones.  I think it will be fun to practice spinning with this and watch the colors merge and blend as opposed to the pure cream color of the wool I have been using.  Why not spice it up?  Even if I somehow managed to spin every last scrap of it, it would only be a few teeny ounces of yarn…perhaps enough for a cat toy.  We shall see what happens!

(ps. please bear with me as I learn how to put up pictures and figure out the fine points of posting…there is supposed to be a pic of the mango ball up there…it WAS there a minute ago…)